Asset Search for old Microsoft Office versions

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. This search always comes up with a 504 timeout error. What is the best way to find a list of all assets with an old version of Microsoft Office, that have checked in this year?

That search works ok for me, no 504 timeout. Do other saved searches work ok? You may get some false positives though, it looks like I have some triggered by ‘Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Installer’ version 1.0.

Hi Matthew, I just tried your saved search and got the same error. After playing around with it a bit, it seems it doesn’t like the greater than or less than signs. You may be able to work around it by using the equals. I’ll get a ticket started for you in the meantime.

Thanks @Alexandra. Does anyone know if you can run wildcard searches in the application name like “Microsoft Office * 2013”

No wildcards sadly… …

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As Isaac says, no wildcards but I’ll get a feature request submitted for you.

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