Asset Location on a Campus

On the asset page, what is the best way to track the location of an asset on a campus? I want the tech to be able to view what department or building the asset is located so he knows where to go when on campus.

If the different areas use different IP schemes you could go off that. Or maybe make a script that grabs the current SSID (if that varies) and puts it in a custom field.

You can add custom fields for assets in the Admin Settings. I’d just recommend creating a custom text field for like “Asset Location” and then filling that in.

If it’s primarily a need for one very large customer, then you might want to consider doing a dropdown custom field instead with prepopulated values.

we separate our large clients into separate accounts. Especially if they have separate campuses, Syncro doesn’t yet do child accounts which makes it difficult when you have a large client with multiple locations. We generally keep the format the same so it’s easier to look at the system, so for example, the building name – the overall customer name or vice versa.

if it’s simply building names, you could put the Customer first and then the building. We have some clients who own multiple businesses so we would do the business name and then the overarching business name.

we also did a custom field and put them overall customer name there.