Retire assets

While I know there are options to do this - I was wondering what is the best practice to archiving assets? I want to still be able to keep the asset for record and ticket reasons, but make sure the asset isnt being reported on reports.

As for scripting / automation - I could add the asset to a Archive Police.

So what is everyone doing to make this happen and/or what does Synco think is the best way?

Depends on your needs but I think the best practice for most is to create a generic Archive company (or potentially even an archive company for each client) and move assets there. It’s the only way to fully exclude them from reporting/billing/etc.

Continued from original feature request October 2021 - (CLOSED)
Archiving Assets (CLOSED)

Please enable the ability to mark an asset as “Inactive” that will exclude it from everything except the “Inactive Assets” Report


Interesting kludge, but it seems the only way for now.