Exporting Asset vs Contact address

To whom it may concern,

I would like to do the two following things.

  1. I would like to be able to export or somehow run a report for all of a single Customer’s Contacts, including address. The reason for this as we have a client with several locations, and we are trying to compile a list of what users are at what location. Currently, it feels like we have to manually open each contact, which, they have 170 of them. This is something we would probably want to run quarterly.

  2. The customer is requesting a report of all assets by location and user. I would like to be able to run a report that would be for the entire Customer for all locations, including the Contact (which I can get this with an Export All), and also the city associated with that contact/asset location.

In theory, if I could generate 1) above, then I could make a vlookup in Excel that would do what I need.

I can also run several reports by site in Assets which would then have the Contact name only, but it is at least a work around.

Thoughts or options?

You can do #1 now using the Internal Report Builder. You can do this a few different ways, but I think the way I’d do it is to make a Saved Customer Search scoped to each customer location. Then you could make a Contacts list block that looks for all contacts scoped to that Saved Customer Search, and include whatever columns you want in the report as well. Secondarily, you could tag contacts with a custom field and then use that as a filter using the same report.

You could likely use the exact same Saved Customer Searches to create three list blocks on the same report and that would be your assets broken down by location, and you should be able to use the assigned contact as a the filter.

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It looks like this documentation might be along the lines of what I want. I will look further into it.

Internal Report Builder - Knowledge Base / Reports - Syncro Support Community (syncromsp.com)

However, there is not a Internal Report Builder Templates screen that I can see. It looks like it might have been renamed to “Executive Summary Report Builder”. If so, great, please update your documentation so others don’t get frustrated and waste time looking for what the directions say to look for.

If I am in the wrong area, that would also be good know.

There are two. The Executive Summary Report builder is designed to be sent to customers, so it’s typically scoped to a single customer. The Internal Report Builder is largely the same functionality, but scoped to all customers. For the OP’s request, it would depend if their various locations falling under one customer were created as multiple customers or not.

How do I get to the Internal Report Builder Templates screen please?

Okay, so I go to Internal Report Builder and then click on Report Templates in order to add new templates. That was just not intuitive for me. Hopefully I’m on the right path now.

One Customer, many Sites.

So, I am in the report builder. I want to add a section that just lists all contacts for the Customer, showing only names and city, sorted by City.

It is requiring that I filter it somehow beyond Customer. I do not want to do this.

I am trying to filter by Created Date is after 01/01/2019, which is a year before I started using Syncro.

Okay, I think I have a very basic version of what I might want over two reports that I will have to cross reference. How can I export these into Excel? I only see an option for PDF. Do I have to manually highlight, copy, and paste into Excel?

Lastly, I have told the report to sort the contacts by City. It is sorted by username, with no sort by City at all.

This is all very frustrating that I can’t have a report that works as designed that I can export.

Actually these ones specifically can’t be exported to Excel. You can sort by any column, but the column has to be visible in the report. So first add the City column, then you can sort by that column.

City is in the report. And set to sort. The output is NOT sorted by City though.

Also, sorting by Contact name is incorrect: Anna M., Anna R., Ann W.

Instead of: Ann W., Anna M, Anna R.

So, after I copied and pasted into Excel, I had to do a manual sort in there. Otherwise, my vlookups kept failing.

I’d write to support if the sorts aren’t working correctly. Sounds like a bug on that specifically.

I had something similar with needing to get asset ID’s to map Acronis alerts to Syncro alerts. I created a powershell script that generated JSON data (that’s my preference), but it would take all of 5 mins to modify for contacts and to export to a CSV… Let me know if you want the script :slight_smile:

I’d love that! Please feel free to post it here or msg it to me. Thanks!

I messaged you a version of my script. If you ever need info like this again, a quick way to do it is with API and the “Documentation” page of the API. It’s actually really easy to figure out, and you can save the responses as JSON and use a JSON viewer like Dadroit, or a JSON to CSV converter tool. Great for getting information, albeit if you have heaps of pages of data to get it’s a bit painful…

Hope it helps!