Adjust the default length for the appointment types

Why can’t we adjust the default length for the appointment types?

Hi Seby,

This is simply the way it is designed. Feel free to suggest the ability to change this in Feature Requests & Suggestions.

I understand that this is the way it was designed. The question was “Why?” would such a glaring thing be overlooked? I guess I’ll go put my suggestion in along with the 5 billion other things that need to be fixed. Thanks.

I’d like to have the ability to adjust the default appointment length as well.

seby, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

I always like to think like this: For every one thing they need to fix - that had many other things working correctly I didn’t have to think about/request for change and that will always be the reason for a “why”. Everyone needs are different so programming for every type of reason or rhyme will be hard to master in the field of programming.

Also, agree, would be nice to see a change here, but while nice, wouldn’t be that high of a priority over other things requested/that need change.

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