Add custom message for customers

Hi All,

We want to get custom text / note messages to show within tickets created and received for specific customers but not for others.

I.E - Note within ticket when created or received
→ “Special requirements for customer 1. ---- 2. ----”

What is the best way to do this?
Does SyncroMSP have this functionality?

Would appreciate any help.

Hi Daniel! I think the best way to leave a customer-specific note will be on the customer page.

You could use a Customer Custom Field which would be persistent on the Customer page, but you’d have to have part of your Ticket process be that the Tech will check the customer page first.

Ticket automation can do this, sort of. It would be nice if Syncro added an ‘if customer’ condition. Since there isn’t one, probably the only good option would be to trigger it off an SLA you have assigned to those customers, which should work. Or maybe another condition would work for you, just have to take a look. Ticket Automations

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I’d love to see an ‘if customer’ condition! I know I have submitted that as a request so it’s definitely in the pool. The one thing to note about Ticket Automations is that they run every 2 hours.

Did they get slower? Used to be every hour.

Ah yes, every hour is right. My Friday brain is going strong today. Thank you for catching that! :slight_smile:

I use the Internal Ticket Message field for the customer. It adds the text to every ticket for the customer.

Edit the customer, scroll down to the bottom.

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Wasn’t aware of that feature, thanks for mentioning it! I had to first go turn it on in Settings > Tickets > Enable Internal Ticket Warnings.

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Glad it worked out for you.

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