Workaround for keyed-in credit card payments in Worldpay


An issue arose between Worldpay and Syncro that prevents keyed-in credit card payments from working. We are diligently working to resolve this. Unfortunately, those who can work with us at Worldpay are not available until Tuesday, 2022-09-06. Here is what you can do to take keyed-in credit card payments in the meantime. (Note: Payments taken using a credit card swiper or terminal are unaffected by this.)

A. Take payment in Worldpay portal

  1. Login to your Worldpay portal at (according to one of our Users, the new portal does not work for this). If you are not sure what your login credentials are, please check your Dealer Letter from Worldpay.
  2. If a "Partner Residual Statement Migrating to iQ" dialog appears, click Ok.
  3. At the top, click Express Virtual Terminal.

  4. If it asks for your merchant ID, enter it.
  5. Click Run Transaction.

  6. Click Debit and Credit.
  7. Click Sale.
  8. Enter the transaction details, such as subtotal, tax, and card info.
  9. An address is often not required.
  10. In the Reference Number field, enter the Syncro invoice number.

Note that their website times out quickly, so you will likely need to log in for each separate transaction.

B. Record payment in Syncro

  1. On the invoice you are processing, click Take Payment.
  2. In the second dropdown, select Offline CC (or whatever payment type you have created for this) to indicate you took the payment outside of the app.

  3. Change any other details if needed and click Take Payment.

We apologize for the hardship this is causing. You can check the status of this at our status site:

This seems like another good reason for Syncro to offer integration with another processor, other than WorldPay, as has been suggested MANY times in the forums. Maybe this experience will motivate Syncro to put a little more effort into finding another option. Words cannot express how terribly awful Worldpay is to work with.

In case it’s of any help to anyone else, I’ll share that WE are able to access the Worldpay virtual terminal via the “iQ Portal” at (the same site where we can research transactions, download monthly statements, etc.).

It’s sad that Syncro, as a WorldPay partner, doesn’t have direct access to those that can resolve the issue. With how large of a company WorldPay is, there should be 24/7/365 support able to resolve this type of issues with partner integrations.

As others have said, hopefully Syncro now sees how hard it is to work with WorldPay… if this is the support that Syncro is getting from them, they should be able to imagine the level of non-support that us peon customers get.

IP Addresses to be replaced by URLs

Previously we communicated these updates would go live on August 31. This work has been rescheduled for September 26, 2022.

To continue to align with industry standard security practices, Express Platform will remove direct external access via its processing IP addresses and will now only allow access by way of its processing URLs.

In the past, Express Platform processing IP addresses were made available and published. These specific IP addresses were used in place of URLs in the merchant’s firewall settings to restrict internet traffic in a process called “whitelisting”.

Going forward, we will no longer allow whitelisting of specific IP addresses.

The next updates are scheduled for September 26, 2022.
What can I do in preparation to protect against any disruption to processing?
Please talk to your POS vendor or IT specialist about the following to ensure uninterrupted processing.

  • Merchants with payment solutions which have implemented IP address whitelisting must update their firewalls with URL whitelisting.

  • This security improvement will not require that the client-side SNI (Server Name Indicator) field within the TLS (Transport Layer Security) header be populated with the target hostname allowing the WAF (Web Application Firewall) to properly establish a secure connection, but this is highly recommended.

  • If you receive an error “You don’t have permission to access” after the changes are made on September 26, 2022, please reach out to your POS vendor provider. They will need to retrieve the Cloudflare Ray ID or reference number within the error message, along with the external IP address, and provide this to Worldpay from FIS support staff.

  • This enhancement will not impact Datacap POS integrations.

Action may need to be taken to NOT have a disruption in service.

Hey folks - Just an update…

Our team has confirmed that the issue was resolved and keyed-in payments began to work again as of September 2 at 5:42PM PT. We had been monitoring the issue over the weekend to ensure it was resolved before posting an update. We have been in contact with Worldpay to try to understand the source of the issue as it appears to have been on their end. We recognize this kind of issue has huge impacts on your business and will do everything in our power to work with Worldpay to prevent this from happening in the future.

In regards to adding other payment processors: We also have Stripe,, and PayPal. None are perfect, and payment processors, in general, can be…challenging to work with…it’s not unique to WorldPay. We’ve explored partnerships with others many times. For context, these are very time-intensive integrations to build so there are real opportunity costs in terms of other things we could build instead. The last time we were close to adding one, they were acquired by Worldpay right before we started :joy: So yes, I get it, it’s frustrating - but every time we analyze spending time on a new payment processor and weigh that against, say OS Patching or Policy Inheritance the answer is pretty clear. That doesn’t mean we won’t get to it, but it’s never felt like the #1 priority based on what MSPs were telling us, especially because I’m not sure the grass is greener on the other side :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions,