What's the easiest way to deploy Splashtop if it doesn't install automatically with Syncro install?

Hi, we are in the process of Migrating to Syncro and we noticed that some devices do not install Splashtop automatically with Syncro. We waited a couple of days and stays the same. Any inputs?

I would first check to see if the policy you think is applied to the asset is actually applied (check for script runs, etc) as Syncro is known to have issues with this sometimes. If the policy is not applying properly, change the device to another policy, save the change, reload the page and change it back and save. If that’s not the issue I would contact support. You could also force installing Splashtop, I believe there’s a script in the library.

As Isaacg said I would first check the policy is being applied correctly. Go to the Asset and on the Overview page click “View Effective Policy”. If its not right in there then go to the Company > assets and Policies and move the the asset to another policy folder, save, then put it back and save again. It you check the effective policy again, it should be fine now. Its some kind of bug in syncro.

If that looks correct then take a look at the installed apps on the asset to see if its actually installed. either way I usually run the Redeploy script from the community library: Redeploy Splashtop - (4/29/21).