Very slow page loading - Melbourne, Australia

Any else experiencing very slow page loading today? My connection is fine and no issues with other sites. Status page does not show any issues.

Insanely slow to load pages for us too. Based in Western Australia.

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Still nothing about this on the status page. How do we get Syncro engineers to look into this?

It does takes time to loop through everything - 1 hour → I see “degraded”

@travis Cheers. Current degraded status seems to relate to “Issues Loading Custom PDFs”, nothing about slow loading times listed yet.

agree, it has been slower today.

NZ based but we have seen this as well.
Talking to other team members, apparently we’ve had that on and off over the last week or so.

Yes slow in Melbourne, shitty whether to blame :rofl:

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@charles If that were the case it would be slow half the year!

Seems to have improved today.

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Out of curiosity, is anyone in AUS ever getting issues with pages sometimes loading line by line, especially with the Assets page when first opening? We have had several tickets in for it, and are asked to get network dumps etc but it never happens when I want it to.

I mean that when you open the Assets tab (can be other pages with lists of items), each line will load one by one, sometimes with a second or more delay between lines loading?

I’m just curious if it’s because there’s no Oceania server for Syncro, or if it’s something else…

(we are middle of NSW, australia, FYI, but this occurs when remoted into servers in a DC in Sydney too)

Outer suburbs, Melbourne Vic based. At the moment I am not seeing this behaviour. I tried several clients and the assets page loads quickly. Accessing tickets and invoices is pretty good, a little slower than assets.

Same same as Charles.
Everything is working normally here too.

@STech-Luke yes we see this regularly too. Loading OK at the moment, but I know exactly the line-by-line loading of assets you’re talking about. We’re in the suburbs of Melbourne.

Would be great to see an Aussie Syncro server one day soon :crossed_fingers:


Not to stir up trouble, but has anyone ever ran a hop route check? To see where the slowness maybe coming from?

Sure have, and provided to support. They still want the HAR files from dev tools while it’s loading, which is pretty tricky to manage since it usually happens when I need to get to an asset pronto…