The "new" PDF templates - is there a workaround?

The PDF system upgrade is… not good for us thus far. We have been testing it with invoices, estimates, etc. and end up with (as they say to expect it) “any multi-line rows will now break onto the next page if they would overflow at all onto the next page” because, reasons that we just have to live with.

When we send out a long estimate or invoice (which we do frequently), it only shows the top part of the estimate / invoice on page one (addresses) and the rest of the page is blank. You have to go to page 2 to start viewing the actual line items.

Per the announcement, No CSS workaround exists for preventing long multiline tables from breaking onto the next page. - Well, you need to find away folks. I don’t know anything about CSS, but I do know this looks like trash, and I expect better.

Presuming that this may not be addressed, does anyone have any samples of other template types that might work better? Or, some other SAAS like QuoteWerks to integrate with for estimates, and… I guess just go back to QB for invoicing? Ugh. Open to any suggestions, thank you.


This new system is proving to be a pain for us as well, customer signatures on intake forms still do not appear when printed out and even further, mention of this issue was removed from the master post with no other mention.

Hi Aaron, we have just released an update to retain previous behavior where page breaks should occur inside of multi-line table rows now. More information on the update in our help article here: PDF System Upgrade - April 2, 2024

Hi there, apologies for the confusion with the known issue for Topaz Signatures being removed from our documentation. The fix for this is now live and we have also re-added it to our documentation page: PDF System Upgrade - April 2, 2024

You should find that Topaz signatures are generating in the new PDF system as expected now.

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