HTML Code in Invoice

We have been using RMM for a while and now are starting to use the PSA. The issue I’m running into is the Invoices end up with HTML code under description when they are emailed as pdf or viewed as pdf. Basically we create the ticket. In the “conversation” section under “Body” we type in the resolution and add hours and mark the ticket as resolved. When we go to “make invoice” we get everything we typed in to the “Body” section in HTML code under Description on the invoice. I have reset the Invoice and Ticket Template in Admin. It looks like this.

I was trying to figure out what is different about yours. When ours comes across it says "Ticket Work: Tech Name, Date, Ticket Notes. No HTML code is visible. I see on yours you have Date, Comment, Comment Subject, Initial issue. It looks like you are using a token(s) somewhere, that’s usually what we see on an email status update.

My invoice template

Yeah - I think it used to say that and the guy I work with messed with something. I need to get that back in there somehow. My template is the same as yours but he must of changed it somewhere else.

Oh, one other place to look, Tickets > Preferences > Advanced and go to the bottom and look at the Customize Text boxes. Mine are blank there.

I just found that right before reading your response. There was a tag in there where he was trying to customize the description so that it didnt just say “Ticket Work…”

Thanks for helping me out. I appreciate it.