List of Template Tags in Documentation or Knowledge Base

I’m putting this in the Ticketing category but it is broader than this. This applies to all templates in the PSA including data that it pulls from the RMM.

There are a bunch of “TEMPLATE TAGS” at the bottom of the ticket automations page, the invoice templates, and a few other places throughout the Syncro admin. I’m looking for a documentation of all of them. I want to know exactly where they are pulling from and what each of them means, on which pages and templates each of them can be applied, etc.

For example, I’m looking at doing ticket automations currently. What is the difference between the {{ticket_problem}} tag and the {{initial_comment_body}} tag? Are they effectively the same thing? Is there some full documentation list of all of these tags, with descriptions, that says exactly what they are and where they apply? Each tag should have a description, screenshot examples of what field it is pulling from, and any documentation that explains the formatting and every other component of the tag.


This would be great information to have. How are we supposed to test these in things like ticket automations without a preview or more information?

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Exactly, It’s been super frustrating for years. I’m brought this up to support before, on multiple calls and webinars. It seems ridiculous to not have this kind of basic proper documentation available.

I’m also just looking for a template take that is: {most_recent_public_note} or something similar so I don’t need to send the whole ticket history for reminder emails. maybe it already exists but is called something completely different? who knows, because it isn’t documented.