Syncro’s Priorities for Q4

Yea I don’t have the integration set up between Syncro and Stripe. Stripe does batch out daily and you can have it send funds to your bank account daily, weekly or monthly I believe are the options. But the fees are removed yeah. Looking at their payment reports can help reconcile. I do like their automatic reminders and whatnot. But I also see the appeal for other systems to integrate with Syncro for sure.

Agreed, we use Connectbooster/Secure Payments/ spoofing for our processing and it’s soooooo much better than Stripe. My Controller was going to kill me if we kept using Stripe due to how they reconcile by taking the fees out of the final transaction amount.

And honestly, if Syncro didn’t at least have the legacy integration, we wouldn’t have even looked twice at Syncro. I’m sure others feel the same way with their preferred processor. We also weren’t informed it was in legacy status, that it just had to be enabled by Support. Bobby also said it was one of their older integration and it could use some updates, so I remained hopeful it would be improved. is legacy? Noted. I know my bank supports, still waiting to hear back about FIS.

Any particular reason other than Worldpay’s predatory exclusivity clause to put in legacy status?

Auth isn’t advertised at all within Syncro. This has nothing to do with Worldpay. For example, we also support Stripe, and are adding ACH to Stripe any time now (it’s currently in early access).

What about Connectbooster Support?

Though might be omitted from the Syncro software itself, a search in the community forum yielded a result that indicated I could enable it. As long as my customers can use it to pay with credit card and it will automatically charge subscriptions, I plan on using it. The ACH integration is an absolute rip-off, and we are in the process of moving our ACH procedure because of how poorly we are treated by Check Commerce. I’m going back to accepting and encouraging paper checks, if you need to know how bad it is.

That still doesn’t answer why went into legacy status. If my bank can beat Worldpay’s rates, I’ll be going with their solution.

Based on today’s blog entry:

Interested in getting your clients on direct debit? Syncro supports integrations with payment providers WorldPay and Stripe ACH. Start your free trial today.

Is Stripe ACH generally available now?

It’s in Early Access with select users. It’s due out soon. We are going to update that article to reflect the “coming soon” status. Sorry for any confusion that caused.

Also here to upvote international support- Stripe and Canada. Pre authorized debits would be very helpful.

I would also like to know when we can get support for Stripe ACH. Is there any risk to beta testing Strip ACH support? I am looking to move on from because of the lack of support for Syncro and Strip has WAY better rates for ACH and about the same rate for credit cards.