Syncro’s Priorities for Q4

Make a feature request if there isnt one. I would back you up on having another log/view on all, selected devices, or a master log on all scripts to look through.


In the event that a replacement of the current system was determined to be necessary, what would the timeframe be?

I have a question about the HTML implementation. How does that work with the screenshots that are sent via the agent? I just noticed that a customer submitted a ticket with the screenshot and there’s no reference in the communication section, good thing I responded without noticing it first :wink:

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We have seen long term issues with ticket attachments not showing up in the tickets. We had a Syncro support ticket in for over a year. We just received an update that this has been solved but I am skeptical. We have seen the issue this week. We have an inbound O365 shared mailbox that is used for our inbound tickets. All our tech team has access, and they know to go to that mailbox to find the original email to see the attachments and a properly formatted email. This does not work for tickets submitted with the system tray app.

This post was regarding our priorities for Q4. It sounds like you have an issues that engineering believes was resolved but you appear to still be having issues with it. If this is still the case, please open another support ticket.

@Andy any update on the Stripe ACH feature release? :slight_smile:

Getting closer. We may have an update at today’s Ask Us Anything session. You can join that if you are interested here:

I missed this! Was there anything about Stripe in here?

Yeah, it’s on production for internal testing. Testing going well thus far. No final ETA, though.

This is good news! Thanks Andy.

Np man.

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ON Stripe and CANADA:
Don’t forget us we need an ACH solution as well. And here it is:
[Pre-authorized debit payments in Canada | Stripe Documentation] Pre-authorized debit payments in Canada | Stripe Documentation

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Upvote for international support: Stripe and CANADA:

Don’t forget us we need an ACH solution as well. And here it is:
[Pre-authorized debit payments in Canada | Stripe Documentation] Pre-authorized debit payments in Canada | Stripe Documentation


We’ll happily Volunteer as Beta testers when you reach that point.

WorldPay is a company I would love to give no more time, money, or thought to.

@Andy I know people (including myself) have been pushing for the Stripe ACH. However, I’m in the process of moving my merchant services to my bank; I’m not certain if they support FIS (the rep at the bank is looking into it), but they definitely support How will the new Stripe features impact the existing Worldpay functionality, if at all? Additionally, do you still support I don’t see it in the integrations, but know it was supported in RepairShopr. I would think it would be supported in Syncro, too?

I’m probably in the minority here, but I prefer to work with my bank for merchant services. Stripe is awful to work with.

Edit: found the page on Good to know it’s still supported. But why isn’t it included on the integrations page within Syncro?

You have to write into support to enable. It’s considered “legacy” which makes no sense to me, they are one of the largest with tons of integrators. You’ll need to remove any required fields because Syncro doesn’t sync a lot of them, not even the invoice number on transactions. It really needs some love :frowning: . It also does not officially support ACH, but you can add an ACH profile in Auth and link as a CC profile in Syncro and it will run. It wouldn’t take much to enable official ACH support. We are hooked up with Auth through one of our customers and we have a couple of hundred payment profiles, so we’d prefer to stay with it. Some clients don’t want to give us ACH information, they have no problem entering it in themselves, but right now, no way to do that with Auth.

It’s legacy and not something we intend to invest more resources in at this time. Our supported payment integrations are noted here:

With support for Stripe ACH being pending.

Yeah, real bummer here. is on par with WP, only much better. The other processes are not in the same league. To switch would be a downgrade and a pain. With Auth, we have interchange+ which comes out to be cheaper. Also, the way it works within QB, Auth takes the fees out one time a month instead of each transaction, which means the deposits match the payments. I believe Stripe takes it out per transaction. We have to do this with Paypal and it’s not the greatest. Any extra time I have to spend on accounting is time taken away from other important task.

It definitely does, but I do like Stripe personally.

Looks like the quickest payout they support for US is 2 days. I currently have 1 day, which isn’t that big of a deal, but still a difference. My understanding is that it does a batch daily payout with the fees removed. For us, that could be a lot of transactions in a day, especially on the 1st. That sounds like a nightmare to reconcile. Normally, I go to bank feed, match up the deposit, select the payments for that day, verify the total matches and match them. According to other website’s integrations, Stripe does refunds different than others, which makes it harder to reconcile. It does not support void or refunds through Syncro, according to the link Andy posted.