Syncro Release Notes Are Back

Syncro Release Notes have been updated!

We’ll continue to update the release notes page so you’ll always be informed about what’s happening with Syncro.

You can find our newly updated release notes page here:


Is it possible that you could format your release notes like every other software company, and tell us what changed with each revision of the software? These are not release notes. They are monthly summaries of what has been changed. Release notes tell us what exactly was affected with each incremental update.


A huge enormous gigantic monstrously large +1 for @mike. For example, what’s the difference(s) between Mac Agent v.1.4.426 and Mac Agent v.1.2.429? or Mac Agent v.1.2.429 and Mac Agent v.1.0.409? There have been some pretty big changes and fixes, but it’s completely opaque.

While not perfect, Simple Help is anther smaller developer, but their release notes really do allow you to track the feature progression of the product and the fixes that have been implemented. On top of providing their existing customers valuable details into the product, their detailed release notes turn out to be a really great sales tool. It allows prospective customers to get a very good sense of the pace of development and the issues that have already been sorted.

Please provide clear detail along with the narrative on Release Notes - Syncro Support Community