Syncro Chat from System Tray

Chat with the users you are supporting directly from their managed devices!


What it Does

Conduct live conversations over text with clients from their managed devices.


What it Doesn't Do

Emojis :(
Line Breaks


Table of Contents


Adding Chat to the System Tray

To get started head to the Policies tab. Syncro Chat is a component of the System Tray Menu system (more on that here). Click to edit a Policy and scroll down to the System Tray Menu section.

Next click the Add button to insert a new selection and in the Menu Type drop down, choose Live Chat.


Next you will be presented with some additional fields to enter information.

Menu Title: The name that will be visible to your clients when you save the settings

Unavailable Message: This message is displayed when there is not technician immediately available after the client does not receive a message back in 3 minutes (not configurable).

Technician Assignment: Messages will be automatically assigned to the specified tech in this field


Security Settings

There are a selection of settings to consider with Syncro Chat. Head to Admin > Security Groups and choose a Group to give access to Chat.


Notification Rules

There is a Notification Center Rules allow you to be notified on certain events:

These ones are for unread messages:

Chat - New unread message while I’m offline
Chat - New unread message while I’m online

These are for unassigned messages:

Chat - New unassigned message while I’m offline
Chat - New unassigned message while I’m online

You are considered to be online when you have at least one Syncro tab open in your browser.


Navigating to Chat

You can access Chat from any screen by clicking on the Chat Bubble icon in the upper right of the page.

You can also start a new Chat from the "+" button at the top of every page.

Chat is also able to be accessed from the Asset Quick View Menu wherever an Asset is linked.

You are also able to start a Chat from the Asset section of a Ticket by clicking the dots to the right of the Asset and then clicking Chat.

You can also optionally activate a tab for Chat. To do that, head to Admin > Tabs Customization and check the box near the Chat option and hit save.


Using Chat

Start by heading to the Chat Tab or Chat icon in the upper right of the page. You will be taken initially to a page that is empty like below.

The Chat screen is broken up in to 3 sections (from left to right).

1. List of Chats
2. Active selected Chat
3. Active Chat Customer, Contact and Asset info


The left section is where a list of the Chats in progress are displayed. You can search, filter or start a new chat from here.

Filter options include


All Chats: See all Chats
My Chats - All: See all of the chats assigned to you
My Chats - Unread: Filter for your chats that haven't been read
Unassigned Chats: Chat sessions that haven't been assigned to a tech

A Chat in the left side will show high level info including - Business Name, Contact Name, last updated time, last message, Asset Name and Assigned Tech to the Chat.


The middle section is where the current selected chat session is displayed. You can interact with your client in this section.

The right side of the Chat screen will display the Customer Info, Contact Info, and Asset Information associated to the client.

When you click on a Chat session in the left window a selection of buttons will appear in the top right with several options.

Close Empty Chat: Ends the chat and Archives the conversation. Archived Chats are added to the Customer Detail page for later revisiting.
Re-Assign: Assigns the Chat session to another tech
Create Ticket: Creates a ticket from the Chat session
Details: Shows or hides the far right panel (Customer, Contact, Asset Info panel)


Starting a New Chat

To create a new chat, click the Teal Plus button.


Once you click the plus button a pop-up presents where you can search for Customers/Contacts and Assets. Once you found your query, click Start Chat.



Q: I didn't hear a Chat "ping" sound for an updated message.

The Chat system will only play a "ping" sound once per unread Chat session. We did this avoid noise pollution and multiple pings in the case of many Chats being conducted at once.


Q: A Client is trying to send me a message from a previous chat conversation that's been Resolved and it's not coming through.

When you end a session of chat on the web, in windows you will need to close the chat window and open up a new one to continue chatting.
(there is a message for this on the windows client to let your client know to close/reopen)


Q: How does the Chat bubble quantify the number it's showing?

The chat bubble count of unread messages is: unread chats assigned to you + unassigned chats


Q: A client is trying to open multiple Chats from the same machine but can't.

You can't start more than one chat with an asset.


Q: I can't seem to use emojis.

Emoji's and line breaks are not supported currently.

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