Sync Contacts to CRM

Is there anyone out there who has some sort of automated sync setup between Syncro and their CRM? We’ve been using a CRM for our marketing efforts for almost a year, and the data that we have in Syncro is definitely more complete.

We are currently using Infusionsoft, and I would like to have it export from Syncro to Infusionsoft when a customer/contact gets added or changed. I do see that we have new customer and contact in notification center, so I can build an automation from that using power automated or zapier. But how is anyone handling changes, and does anyone have a two-way sync setup. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone already has this figured out.

@Andy Any chance you can look into this form me. I know the team was working on a Beta Infusionsoft sync back in 2019. Not sure if anything came of it.

I honestly don’t know, that was likely before I was even here. I haven’t heard anything about it since my time here, so I’d say it’s not likely going to happen at this point, at least for the time being. Zapier is likely your best bet as you mentioned. Updating is likely a bigger challenge, but that depends on how you are using Infusionsoft. If it’s exclusively for email notifications then it’s not going to be often a name or email changes. If it’s a lot more than that and you are doing heavy segmentation you are likely to run into some potential issues there.

@Andy I just sent you the infusionsoft beta sync info privately. I’d likely build something out using power automate, however there are no triggers for updated customers or even new/updated contacts, so the likelihood of having any kind of incremental sync is out the door. Essentially in order to build out a sync mechanism I would have to pull all customer records and write a compare function or just write over them on a scheduled basis. I’d have to do the same for contacts. Honestly, I feel like it’s poor programming and resource expensive for me to just barrel ahead and pull all records on a scheduled daily refresh. I’m also not sure what that’ll end up doing in the grand scheme of things for the performance of Syncro. Any chance we could get some new triggers exposed in the notification center for Customer and Contact updates (not just new)?

You wouldn’t have to write compare functions really, you can just pull the last updated date of the record and skip any that are older that your last poll.

What exactly are you doing with Infusionsoft so I can better understand?

@Andy We have been using Infusionsoft for a myriad of marketing. Our version has been customized by Technology Marketing Toolkit and helps us run our lead generation, mailed marketing campaigns, drip marketing. Some of the drip marketing goes out to our current client base and prospects in the form of weekly tips, business review campaigns, referral campaigns, etc.

Since we’ve been using RS/Syncro since 2012ish, Syncro is our one source of truth for everything. Leads, Customers, Invoices(total spend). We are even using custom fields to track things like what level of managed service, ISP, VoiP, Backup, Email, etc. These are also fields that are getting filled out in Infusionsoft. Since only my admin and techs have Syncro, and only my marketing people have Infustionsoft, I’d like there to be a free exchange of information. A lot of the times my SDR is getting ready to send a mail campaign out to a current client, but he has no way to tell they are since the information in Infusionsoft was only a snapshot import from what Syncro has. Also we run a Residential Repairshop out of Syncro, and don’t want to clog up Infusionsoft with that info, so I’m trying to limit the company/contact sync to Businesses only.

Yep ok I get what you are after. Thanks for the extra context.

Anytime. Thanks for the thought on checking the update time to do incremental refreshes, that might go a long way for me to build something out.

On an aside, it looks like the infusionsoft sync I showed you is still functioning to a degree. I just created a contact in Syncro and it magically appeared in Infusionsoft. It will incrementally update from Syncro to Infusionsoft. Doesn’t look like it’s two-way, or I might not be patient enough.

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Matthew, I am looking at CRM integration options. Did this beta integration w/ InfusionSoft (KEAP?) work out for you? Andy answered a recent similar CRM request and was silent on an Integration within Syncro. Any and all thoughts are helpful. TIA

@sritchey Apparently, I was the only person using the integration and they end up sunsetting it since my last post in this thread.

Thanks. Appreciate the response (on so old a post). Did you come up with an alternative or just let it go?
Alternately, have you heard of any users with some success with Keap/Infusionsoft or another CRM. I was surprised that I couldn’t find anything in the community postings.

Syncro exposes Customer and Contact info through their API. Depending on the platform you’re trying to get that info into, I would think it wouldn’t be too difficult to do. I can’t speak to it personally as I don’t sync to another CRM.