Support Ticket Queue Cleanup

Hello Syncro Partners,

As of recently several of you may have started to notice you are receiving updates from our Support Department regarding cases that may have gone unattended for a longer period of time.

Our Technical Support team is currently going through a transitional phase where our ultimate end goals are to be able to build and provide a knowledgeable, global Technical Support organization that delivers an excellent partner experience for all of Syncro’s products and customers. This means: faster response times, quality service, and more transparency in our communications.

As a result, in order to get there the team does have some ticket queue cleanup initiatives that are actively in play for the remainder of 2022. Starting with taking action on cases that have been sitting in a backlog status for far too long. We have realized we have had a gap in communications from the time a Support case gets submitted to development to what the outcome of the Triage process actually is. Our hopes are that by going through this current backlog we will be able to catch back up to more recent incidents and catch up on our overdue responses.

We understand right now we are communicating on cases that have been outstanding for over a year, however please know if you feel that your case was closed in error or you have more recent examples, the team is readily available to open a new case for you and ensure it gets documented and processed through proper workflow channels. We did want to make sure we communicated what was happening with the case upfront instead of just straight cold closing these out.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience as we may be feeling some of this transitional pain for what we know will be great progress and better service as the end result.

Let me know if you have any questions,