Support phone number

Does the support phone number ever have a live person pick up the call? I have tried calling the support phone number multiple times. None of the calls were able to get a hold of any live person. The call always gets to an auto attendant and asks you to either leave a message or leave a call back number. Howerver, no one would call back. I just wondering has anyone ever been able to get a hold of a live person? At this time, I personally believe that number doesn’t really call a support department with a team of live on-call support technicians.

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Welcome to the community! Yes we have live reps on the phones. Is there something I can assist with?

I have a few issues that need to contact the support team. A real support number should allow the callers to stay in queue until someone picks up. If the support phone number is always asking callers to leave a message or leave a callback number, that means the phone is designed never going to have live person pickup. I’m just checking with everyone to see what their experience is.