Splashtop Streamer Stealing Focus

Hey everyone. Confirming we released an agent update for Mac that should resolve this one. Sorry about this, I understand how annoying it is for you and/or your customers to work when something is repeatedly stealing focus.

Please let me know if this is not fully resolved for any of you for any reason.


Thank you. Anything need done or will the update be automatic?

It will be automatic.

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So far so good here… looks like it’s sorted.

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Excellent, thanks for the confirmation!

All is working. Thank you for the fix.

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Thank you very much for getting this sorted, and for letting us know.

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Can you confirm the automatic agent push out has been released for mac agents now and what version we should expect to see to know its been installed?

My agents were all automatically updated and the problem is resolved. All my Mac agents are running version 1.7.448 currently.

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