Splashtop Streamer Maxing out CPU


That is the EXE. Do they have an actual MSI installer as well?

I don’t know if they have a universal MSI, that’s the URL I am aware of. I’ve had no issues with the EXE, unless you’re attempting to do something else with it. I can generate an MSI, but it has my settings on it, whereas I think the EXE is universal.

I ran this. It seems to have resolved the issue. But now when I try to remote into the computer I get an error from syncro:

We’re having trouble connecting you with Splashtop. Splashtop says: Condition Not Satisfied. (Source IP address check, SRS rmm_id not matched)

Try forcing a sync on the agent or restart the Syncro service.

Also, please be sure to delete the UUID from the asset details after you run that script. When it reinstalls, the UUID will be changed, but it will not update on the asset details. Simply delete the UUID and then re-sync the asset data.

UUID is only used for the business app, not the RMM version, so it wouldn’t affect his error. I have a script for UUID issues too :).

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
$Splashtop = Get-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\"Splashtop Inc."\"Splashtop Remote Server"
$UUID = $Splashtop.SUUID

Set-Asset-Field -Name "Splashtop UUID" -Value $UUID

You are absolutely correct. We used to have the business version a couple of years ago. Assets still bring in the new UUIDs when it installs the RMM version and the asset is synced. Probably in one of my scripts. :confused:
Which script did you run? I would assume that if you just uninstall Splashtop from the asset, then run the “Force Sync” part of my script, that should allow Syncro to reinstall and pull all needed details for the connection to work. This is all we do and it works every single time.

Edit: I am pretty sure that the rmm_id is the same as the UUID. It does not match for Syncro to connect. The UUID must be cleared from the machine when the uninstallation happens (should happen automatically) so that Syncro can pull in a new one after the new installation.
NOTE: This is only an educated guess.

Sounds like maybe the integration isn’t fully disabled somewhere. Syncro doesn’t use the UUID field at all for the RMM version, everything they need is done on the backend, which isn’t visible to us. If you don’t have Splashtop Business integration enabled, there is no Splashtop UUID field. A populated UUID field is what enables the dropdown on Remote Access to show Splashtop (BYO). What is failing here is the token exchange when they handshake. Usually just restarting the agent service fixes it, possibly forcing a sync too.

If you wanted to dive into it, you can look at the Splashtop registry keys and see if it’s populating stuff like CSRSOwner, CSRSTeamName, and DCode. If so, then for some reason, Syncro is still pushing out your business streamer exe. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Splashtop Inc.\Splashtop Remote Server

Yeah, I’m kind of at a loss. I eventually got that one to come back. Not sure if its what I did or just time, I had run the syncro-live restart and restarted it a couple times.

But I have another machine I’ve done all that too and it still has not come back.

I would have thought so too, but the UUID is still being pulled in, but there is no drop-down for BYO anymore since we disabled it. It may not be doing anything except pulling the UUID from the RMM installation. That is just my assumption. It does not seem to negatively effect anything at all. I will probably delete that from our scripts and delete that asset field.

Have you tried the force sync? Just curious.