Scheduled Report Issues

Hey everyone, just a quick note from the engineering team regarding some reported issues with scheduled reports firing erroneously today:

Late yesterday our engineering team released a fix for scheduled reports failing to run. The fix has picked up a number of reports that failed to run during the timeframe of the issue and is running them today. The reports will continue to be scheduled on their expected date and times in the future. Our team is continuing to monitor our reporting engine.

We apologize for not notifying everyone in advance of this behavior.

Has this been resolved yet? We’re still getting these emails sent and apologizing to our clients. Just had one a few hours ago.

This was resolved, yes. If you are still seeing erroneously sent scheduled reports, please reach out to support ASAP as we currently have no known issues of this occurring after the most recent fix several days ago.

Just got another client complaining 1 hour ago

"I know these reports are being sent me in error, but can you please remove me from the list or whatever it is you need to do so that I don’t continue to get these messages from you? Thank you.

If you are still experiencing issues here please reach out to support so they can dig into it further.