Resolved Email Template - What does it email?

I’ve played with this a little and see that if I turn on the Enable Ticket Resolved Emails that it sends the entire thread of public comments to the customer as a follow-up.

Is there a way to just send the last public comment instead of the entire thread?

Also, what happens if I have what I would call an Internal ticket that I am working on, like fixing a backup issue or checking on RAM usage behind the scene? I don’t normally send the client an email when I start those types of tickets. If I have the Enable Ticket Resolved Emails option turned on, would the client get an email every time I have resolved a ticket, even if it was an internal?

If so, I don’t think I want to turn this on because the client would be very confused if they received a resolved summary when they didn’t even know I was working on something.

Am I overthinking? Who is using this feature today?

I championed for this idea, but it was half-baked when it came out. It is either all on or all off. In CWM, I had resolved emails only on certain statuses, so I could close a ticket and either choose to send an email or not. So with the current form, I do not have mine enabled because most of the time, I don’t need to send a resolved email.

The default {{ticket_public_comments_for_email}} tag will show the entire thread. If you removed that from your template, then all they would see is the text that’s in the template. The default template is missing {{ticket_subject}}, which I would use if I was using these emails because it only tells the customer this ticket number was closed, but no reference to what the ticket was about without the comments. {{comment_body}} may give them the last comment, but I’m not entirely sure about that one.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to have an option to mark the last ticket reply the “resolution” and send that as an email to either the contact, or the point of contact at the client.

Also, to be able to check it sends it on the fly would be good too. An all or nothing feature won’t work. Filters also, never want to send them with “internal” tickets.

Autotask had this as well.

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