Pasted images on tickets very pixelated, unreadable!

Since a few weeks now whenever I paste an image into a ticket, somehow the backend is downscaling it, turning it into a pixelated mess that is completely un unreadable and essentially useless.

Also, after I submit the ticket, instead of showing the images inline like it used to, they are now converted into a tiny 1" thumbnail that we have to click on and opens in a separate window. This is also a major downgrade in functionality and inconvenience. Are these changes documented somewhere, and is there any way to revert back to the previous behavior? (which was working fairly well for us)

for me the downscaling only triggers on large resolution images.

i talked to support months ago about it. they say it’s a feature, not a bug.

i was informed the correct method to upload images to avoid the scaling issue is use the “upload attachment” feature. then drag & drop the image from your attachments list into the text box.

haven’t experienced your 1" thumbnail issue yet but the aforementioned method is worth testing to bypass it.

Very annoying “feature” – when we paste an image it’s generally to record some important piece of information. Often small fonts are used… sometimes the pixelation / downscaling makes it literally turn to gibberish. Thanks Syncro… :angry: