Our team is investigating Reports of Slow Access and In-App Timeout Errors

@Alexandra that is ok if you cannot provide the information on the root cause.

Can anyone from Syncro provide the information, or does no one in Syncro have the information?

Was it cased by an upgrade?
What is the likelyhood that the slowness and timeout errors will happen again?

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Hi All,

Thank you for patience. We are working internally to provide more details and will update you as soon as possible.

@canden.hicks it has been 7 days.
This isn’t a good look. At this point it looks like Syncro is refusing to provide any information.

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In my mind, this can either mean one of 2 things.

1 Syncro have no idea what caused it eight days after it occurred.

2 Syncro are trying to figure out a way to spin the issue.

This would be highly concerning if it is the former, which I doubt it is.

We have all had issues and did not know the cause of the problem immediately. However, after eight days, not having any information would be appalling in any type of IT environment.

However, I think it is the latter, and the community has repeatedly said that we want more information about these issues when they occur. If the essential information is not being passed along the chain, this is a failure point; this will ultimately continue to be a pain point for the community.

Even saying we believe X Y Z caused the issue in the form of work notes would be something at least, and then have an RCA with all the details later.

Utlamitley people lose faith in a product without full transparency, especially when it affects their livelihood.


Keep in mind with your statement - people can have different issues. While one issues might effect 10 people out of 100 that doesnt mean its hitting the other 80 people the same even though its looks to be the same issue. Trying to say they need more transparency after they said there was an issue and made it publicly available so other know is already transparent to a large degree.

Sometimes being too transparent is also a bad look for your services and products too.

Hello Partners! We wanted to share some details on the incident involving system slowness which took place on 7/5/22. Upon discovering some performance-impacting database transactions which were unrelated to our recent system upgrades, we were able to immediately stop these transactions. Shortly after the system returned to a normal state. While the underlying issue existed for an extended period of time, we have set up monitoring which will allow us to discover new potentially impactful transactions more efficiently in the future. Additionally, we are working to improve our communication process to notify you regarding issues more quickly. We appreciate your candor and patience as we work to resolve these issues.