Option to change QBO payment settings to true

Will we have the option to set these to true? My clients already use this and Intuit offers a better pricing structure than Worldpay.


Hi Aaron,

Sorry for the delayed response. There is currently no option to change these because the API does not specify these, so they default as disabled in QuickBooks.

Syncro, we really need this feature as we are having to go into EVERY SINGLE INVOICE that is sent from Syncro and turn this feature on hundreds of times. Can someone please get with QBO and get this option set to TRUE so we don’t have these inefficiencies please~!!!


I have submitted your idea to my team for consideration as a new feature. While I cannot promise this change will be made, I can assure you the right individuals will review it. Thank you for your feedback!

This may be true for the current API, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible as far as “does it exist the realm of integrations others have built.”

AutoTask, for instance, uses the Intuit AppConnect platform for their integration to QBO, and while there are problems (of course), these fields are manageable via their integration.

Use this link: https://appconnect.intuit.com/connect/autotask - sign in with a valid Intuit/QBO account - take a look.

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Just wondering if this is a solution that is now in the development road map?

:red_circle: My company is impacted by this. My customers are increasingly demanding to be able to pay using a payment link from the invoice. We, too, have to first import invoices to QBO, individually modify the Online payment type(s),before sending invoices. This is extremely time consuming and introduces human errors.