Monitoring for a 'jiggler'

One of my clients is looking to allow about 3/4 of his staff to WFH for 3 months, while their building is under construction due to new roadway expansion.

He wants me to set up monitoring on the WFH systems for mouse jigglers and other methods of deception that will show the system as active and online, even if the user is away.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I DID ask ‘does it really matter if they are delivering as expected?’ To him, it does. If they are not ‘working’ on their assigned tasks, he wants them answering the phones. He has a new marketing push going out just as the construction starts. The construction has been delayed three times and he has literally sued for no more delays without being compensated.

You theoretically could write an application for this, but a camera and GPS ankle bracelet might work better. Quote the client $20,000 for the app dev.


I came here looking for something else but found your comment. Made my day thanks LOL

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I would recommend something like Activtrak. This would actually monitor productivity.