Monitor a service that hangs in starting after the machine restarts

I am trying to monitor a service that hangs in Starting after the machine restarts. The options to monitor status are Stopped and Running. Will an alert be generated if the service is hanging in Starting? I currently have the monitor set to alert is the service is stopped.

Hi Mitchs! It only monitors the Stopped and Running status. Do you know how long it’s hanging in Starting for?

Normally the service should time out eventually and update to Stopped. If that is happening you have the following option.

  • Set the “Delay Monitoring Until” to 60 minutes or so after startup. Make a policy specifically for this service, and then apply it at the asset level.

If it is starting indefinitely…

  • You can create a script and fire that off X amount of minutes after reboot. If the service isn’t “running” you would try to get the PID of the service and use ‘taskkill’ to shut it down. Then launch the service again all through the script.

Hopefully that helps some as a workaround since it’s not officially supported as a status we monitor.