MFA for Customer

Hi I have a customer that has portal access and they need me to reset their MFA so they can set it up on a new device but I cannot find any setting on resetting a customers MFA. Do i have to unregister them and re-register?

You have to delete the portal user account and recreate it, it’s dumb. Fortunately easy enough to do and doesn’t lose anything.

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What if the portal user is the entire customer and not just a contact?

Surely the “correct process” is not to delete the whole user and all their devices, settings, and history and make a new one??

So you don’t delete the contact or the customer, you delete their portal account and then recreate it. Portal users are linked to the customer/contact, but they can be considered separate entities. In other words, deleting the portal user (not the actual customer/contact) will result in no data loss.