MFA for a user

Hey, Spamming the page today. we have a tech assigned to a single user, today he went to login and wasn’t able to get in with MFA. I reset the MFA, and now in attempting to setup, he gets this:

You reset the MFA on the account and the tech is seeing the “Setup your MFA” screen. Seems like the expected behavior to me. What’s the question?

Apologies… the MFA never works. the code generates successfully, and rotates as expected, but fails with the error in the original image, signed in successfully, mfa enabled, invalid code. this was in the Google Authenticator.

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Looks like it could be a caching issue, I would have them try setting up their MFA from an incognito tab.

Tried that too… Unfortunately no go

If they’re using Google Authenticator, some users have had better results with Authy. If this continues to be an issue go ahead and contact us at with the name of the tech having trouble.

Will do. I’ll reply in here with results.