Manual deployment of Webroot

I’m looking for a way to use a script to get the webroot license key for a customer. I have a problem with Webroot not being deployed. I manually deploy it but I would like to automate the process.

Before you ask, yes, I have had tickets for this problem. I have several explanations as to why Webroot won’t deploy. I have tried the recommended scripts to clean-up remnants of previous AV Software. I have tried a bunch of things. In the end, I download the installer from the Webroot Portal and manually install the software.

If I could retrieve the license code for the customer I could write a script and automate the process.

Scripting this might be tricky. We don’t have one provided- perhaps another user does. But I found the following which may be helpful to review.

I found the install key here: Webroot Identity Portal Select the customer site, then click details.

We developed our own script. It uses a custom field from a customer record and also checks a custom field on the asset record we used to explicitly prevent installation of Webroot. You will need to have these two custom fields for this script to work or get rid of the use of those fields.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule

Write-Host "Starting Installing Webroot"

# To get the group code:
# From the Endpoint Protection console, go to the Group Management tab and select the Groups sub-tab. 
# Highlight the Group you would like to deploy to, click Actions, then Deploy Endpoints to this Group.
# The group code will be displayed and is unique to this group.

If ($DisableAVInstall -eq 'yes') {
    Write-Warning "Webroot install explictly disabled for Asset. Exiting."
    Exit 1

$SourceURL = ""
$SourceFile = "wsasme.exe"
$TempFolder = $env:TEMP
$DestFile = $TempFolder + "\" + $SourceFile

If ($WebrootKey -eq "") {
    Write-Warning "Webroot Key missing. Check customer custom fields"
    Exit 1

$InstallArguments = "/key=" + $WebrootKey + " /silent"
Write-Host "Install Arguments: $InstallArguments"
Write-Host "Downloading $SourceURL"
Try {
    Invoke-WebRequest $SourceURL -OutFile $DestFile
catch {
	$msg = Get-ChildItem $DestFile
	Write-Verbose "File [$msg]"
    Write-Warning "$($error[0])"
	Write-Warning "Download Failed"
	Exit 1

try	{
    Start-Process $DestFile -Verb runAs -ArgumentList $InstallArguments -Verbose
	Start-Sleep -Seconds 120
catch {
    Write-Warning "$($error[0])"

# Clean-up downloaded installer file

try	{
	Remove-Item $DestFile -Force
catch {
    Write-Warning "$($error[0])"
	Write-Warning "Failed to remove source file"

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I have a simple script to rename the installer with the license key. Then runs the executable. My issue is that I have to get the key out of the webroot console.

I was hoping there is a way to get the license key via powershell.

Thanks, Alexandra.

The references are interesting.

I wanted to get the license from the customer in syncromsp. I think it’s the best way to be sure to use the correct key.

I’m also having an issue with Syncro installing Webroot. If I want to use your script, what do I need to do to make it work? Will this install Webroot on a system that says “Webroot Install Pending”?

I no longer use the script.

I found that using tools such as, the McAfee Removal Tool, cleans-up things nicely. The last time I used the McAfee Removal Tool, Webroot got installed within 20 minutes. It was a brand-new laptop.

I also determined that manually installing Webroot just creates a different problem - it cannot match to the Webroot customer. Webroot gets installed and appears to be working correctly, but Syncro shows “Webroot installed, matching to Webroot Endpoint.” on the asset screen. Nobody knows an easy way to fix it. (I have not opened a ticket lately. I had a ticket for it, but I was able to work it out before support contacted me. Once it’s fixed, they have nothing to work with.)

Most of the assets where I see this problem are either new or have had issues with multiple anti-virus\security programs installed. This is where ccleaner comes in handy. I use the portable version so there is no install. The only issue is that you cannot automate the registry cleaning - you have to remote into the computer.

If you want to automate the cleaning of the registry, I suggest Wise Registry Cleaner. It can be run from a script without user interaction. I have not used this tool for the Webroot problem. The next time I have the problem I will use the Wise Registry Cleaner instead of ccleaner and post the result.

The script I wrote was very basic. It had a required parameter for the Webroot key, which I got from the Webroot console. The script downloaded a generic Webroot installer, renamed the installer to the key. So, if your key is 123abc it renamed the installer to 123abc.exe. When the installer runs, it uses the filename for the license. I was associated with the person that created the installer and he taught me this technique.

The only way I know to resolve the “Webroot installed, matching to Webroot Endpoint.” problem is to uninstall Webroot and clean the registry. I also look for lingering folders for any AV software and delete them. Then, hopefully, Webroot will deploy properly.

I have to say, I don’t like using scripts to perform functions that are already available in the software. I use policies to determine which assets get Webroot.


You could add a Customer Custom Field to store the Webroot key, e.g., “$WRKey”. Then, rename wsasme.exe to $WRKey.exe before executing.

$SourceFile = $WRKey.exe

My script pulls a key from the customer record, and fully installs reliably, for each client into their account or Webroot portal folder.