InTune Syncro Install


Are there documents to guide us through installing SyncroMSP via InTune?

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Here is a sanitized version of the script I used while testing it. Pull the installer from your own domain first and fall back to a Syncro link second.

## Install SyncroRMM if not already installed
if (-not(Test-Path -Path 'C:\ProgramData\Syncro\bin\Syncro.Overmind.Service.exe' -PathType Leaf)) {
    $ProgressPreference = 'SilentlyContinue' # Hide irw progress bar to boost speed
    try {
        Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -Outfile $env:temp\SyncroSetup-mspname-0000000.exe
        & $env:temp\SyncroSetup-mspname-0000000.exe --console
    } catch {
        try {
            Invoke-WebRequest -Uri  -Outfile $env:temp\SyncroSetup-mspname-0000000.exe
            & $env:temp\SyncroSetup-mspname-0000000.exe --console --customerid 111111 --policyid 0000000
        } catch {}
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Posted to my current GitHub dev project. I welcome any pull requests.

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Thank you – we modified this and used it successfully. It’s fairly mindblowing for Intune to install the RMM agent for us.

You can actually grab the .msi installer and upload it as a LOB application. I have done this for different locations and assigned users to a security group that get them. When the user logs in on a device it pulls the correct one based on folder and installs it. Works quite well.

Hope this helps.

Interesting! This is all brand new to me.


I use different folders in Syncro to separate devices by location. I then grab the installer for that folder (in .msi) and create an app for that location. I have a security group auto assign users based on information in their profile (in my case, state) and assign that to the app, and it auto installs for me if that device is enrolled with Intune, or goes through AutoPilot.

If Syncro is already installed, it will just silently fail to install. I have not had an issue with this method so far.

That’s a really great idea. There is so much power and flexibility with Intune!!

Using a script is more effective than uploading a line A line of business application. With the script you can have the script install correctly for each client or even each asset. We use custom fields in our synchrocustomers and clients to control the installer.