"Installed Apps" version is incorrect for application Threatlocker

I am creating a script to identify the installed version of Threatlocker. I deployed version 8.5.3 and can run some various powershell cripts to verify the installed version:

Using the built-in “Installed Apps” version, it is reporting a different version:

I can’t find any correlation from Threatlocker version history, Is there a way to correct this? Or do I need to build a custom script to identify the correct version?

If you go to the Programs and Features in Windows what version number does it report there?

It does not show in Programs and Features.

Thank you.

So I ran a few more scripts:
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product

And registry:

Appears I will need to create a custom field or somethin in order to track the actual published version. Still not sure where the value is coming from, mayne from the installer.