Malwarebytes Install Script with latest 4.x Version?

The Malwarebytes install script does not appear to work for me. The script states it is for Malwarebytes Premium Version 3.x. Current version is 4.x. The script seems to fetch MBSetup.exe.
Once the script is run, (with the license key in the asset custom field) I get the installed time, but the version is shown as MBSetup.exe. Asset Monitoring shows “Malwarebytes Consumer Installed Successfully” but Malwarebytes does not show up in “Installed Apps” tab.
Am I missing something or am I to edit something other than what is shown in the Malwarebytes Integration page?

The Installed Apps list is only updated every 6 hour sync or if you run a manual sync, so I’d double check that first. I don’t have experience with MB to help more than that. You may need to update the URL it pulls from to use the 4.x version or something.

Is anyone currently using these Malwarebytes scripts successfully?

Is anyone using this successfully?