Executive Summary Report - Operating System Breakdown

Please add Windows 11 to the “Operating System Breakdown” Visual Block in the Executive Summary Report

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This graphic looks fairly poor IMO.
How come Win 11 is not mentioned in this graphic, but Server 2008 is? (which is a 14 year old OS is)

Win 11 definitely needs to be added here. Thanks for calling this out.

I’m going to assume that this is an easy enhancement. :wink:

Once this has been fixed please let us know, because I’m looking at starting to send executive reports to customers and I’m not including the OS breakdown on the executive reports to customers because Win 11 is missing.

5 month Ping

Can you please let us know if and when this is going to be fixed?
LOL…Or is Syncro waiting till Windows 12 reaches Extended support. :rofl:

I don’t have an ETA to provide currently.

Thanks, I’ll keep pinging every few months until Windows 12 comes out. :wink:
Until this is fixed, this reporting chart is useless as I don’t see the logic in sending this report to customers.

Hi Andy. This is increasingly problematic. Reports that don’t include Windows 11 erodes client confidence.

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yep, this reflects poorly on us and on SyncroMSP (because we are transparent/honest with our clients and our clients know we use SyncroMSP).
This is one of many reasons why we do not consider SyncroMSP reports to be good enough to send to clients.

I agree with you. I just raised this internally again to that team.

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Just going to add to this. I really need this fixed before I can present the Executive Reports to clients. Thanks!

@Andy, could you please update us with the response from the internal team.
I’m looking for an indication that this is definitely going to be fixed in 2023.

Windows 11 was release October 21. I can’t send out Exec Reports, showing that my reporting software doesn’t recognise Windows 11. +1 for a review here.
Windows Server 2022 was released August 21. Can we kill two requests while you have the devs back on board?

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It has been 9 months.
We are told that Syncro Support read the FRs.
Yet no update on when this will be fixed.
All we know is that @andy is raising it internally, but we have no feedback on even if this is scheduled to be fixed.

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