Email to create Tickets

We have an email address setup so that clients can send to this email and it will automatically open a ticket and it works great… almost too good. I have played around with ticket workflows but am not having any luck.

Is there a way to automatically delete a ticket with a certain subject line OR not create a ticket with a certain subject line when an email is sent?

I’ve never had a reason to try what you are talking about doing, but I think you have 2 tools to look at.

  1. under email rules the rules allow a subject filter, but it looks like it’s just a positive subject contains “filter” type match so probably wouldn’t work to exclude a single subject line.
  2. the next option would be looking at Ticket Automations. You can set a ticket match rule on the subject, and have the action change subject to closed. This does not prevent the ticket from being created or delete it so it will still be in history but should be able to auto close a ticket.

what is the use case where you are trying to filter out specific subjects from your inbound ticket creation rules?

Sometimes we get emails from vendors sent to our “support” account. When this happens it creates a ticket for whatever event they are having or service they are selling so it’s just a lot of noise. I don’t want tickets created for this and I don’t want a ticket closed because, again it’s just noise and extra junk to sort through.

I have used the Automation to close some tickets automatically, and that works fine. It would just be nice to not have tickets created for certain things or to delete them automatically.


In this case the email rules might work for you. you need email rules to create the ticket from email. If you only have email rules to create tickets from known customer domains, it may prevent ticket creation from all of your vendors.

the other options is you start the process to unsubscribe from your vendors or move them to use a different email address. We do not give our helpdesk address to any vendors.

ps. inbound emails that do not generate tickets will stay in leads

Another options would be filter this before it gets forwarded.

I will look into the email rules to see if it will help me. Thanks!

Never thought about that… will look into it although the email address is tied to a M365 Distribution group, there is no actual mailbox.

Might be able to use Transport Rules to achieve what you want.

+1 for this feature request; Email rules, I don’t see a way of choosing an action, so I think those are just for ticket creation, and not inhibiting ticket creation. I have set up Ticket Automation to auto-resolve filtered on ticket title (email subject) alone - but would like to filter on contact (sender) too - in terms of Transport rules - we already have so many, I would rather not add to that glut.