I wanted to reach out to find out why some emails are going to the LEADS. Is there there a way to disable this and have all tickets come through as a ticket?


I believe leads can be turned off entirely under the admin settings if you want.

Otherwise, if you add the inbound email address in a contact on a customer, it can skip the leads and become a ticket. To make that process automatic (if the client has a custom domain they own) under admin “email rules” you can set them to ‘auto create a contact’ for that customer.

Thank you for your reply. In the Admin Settings, where exactly can I deactivate this feature? If I do deactivate it, will the emails be directly routed to the tickets, or will they not be created at all?

I believe not created at all.

Your best bet is to add client email addresses to their customer contacts. And turn on auto creation in SMTP settings, for when the domain matches.

If they have publicly available mailboxes like Gmail, you just have to add them as contacts to avoid the lead queue and go straight to tickets.

I think you cannot disable the leads module and still receive ticket emails. It appears ticket emails are dependent upon this module being enabled. I would love to disable this module I find it useless and don’t understand why there is a dependency on it for tickets.