E-Signing Sycnro Estimates?

Is there a plugin, app or tool that would allow me to use the Syncro estimates function, but let customers E sign estimates back to me?

Quoter supports it, which is available in the App Center. New Feature: Electronic Signatures | Quoter Software Inc

I couldn’t find information in their documentation on if the signatures are UETA and ESGIN compliant so that may be a question you would want to ask them if you are looking into their software.

Integration Details

  • Connect to your Syncro account in Quoter to seamlessly sync Quotes and Invoices and eliminate duplicate entry
  • When a Quote or Person is created in Quoter, the Person information will be pushed as a Syncro Customer. The Customer will be matched by email
  • When a Quote is created or updated in Quoter, the Quote information will be pushed as a Syncro Estimate
  • When a Quote is accepted in Quoter, the associated Syncro Estimate will be automatically converted into a Syncro Invoice

Quoter looks so interesting BUT THE PRICING!!! it’s a shame, i’d love to have a solution like this but never for this price…

Yeah glad you said it. I have never used a signing program before but I just looked for one for a client and it was around $10 /user /month.

This pricing is crazy unless it also adds value as a tool that allows you to make quotes quicker, but I do not do enough quoting to make that a value add. I just had a client receive my Syncro estimate, then he sent back a printed, signed and scanned hard copy wich feels like a lot of work for clients to have to do.

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This service’s pricing is absolutely a non-starter for the majority of Syncro’s userbase. I don’t need a complete quoting system for an existing client to buy 3 PCs. Syncro already has what I need for simple estimates, can you guys incorporate an e-sign tool or simple 3rd party like Signnow?

I think that is something that users would love. I would recommend posting it to the Feature Request board as it is monitored by our product team. Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community

Could you download a PDF of the Estimate then use Adobe Sign? I use Adobe Sign for client contracts… It seems like it would work with any PDF.

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Yes that’s what I have to do now, but this could save one more step and it would be great if signed estimates were integrated into the Syncro workflow: auto-approval or saving of signed esimate.

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yes, altough you get a lot more than just e-signing with quoter, i still think it’s overpriced, yet i would love to have more functionalites and better looking estimates. for now we send our estimates and contracts via zoho sign.