Does this stuff not bother anyone else?

I don’t understand why stuff like this is still in the platform but it bothers me a lot:


It comes across to me as making the platform look very unprofessional. I’m embarrassed when I have to explain stuff like this to new techs we bring on.

Any chance of having someone at Syncro go through the platform and clean up the weird UI stuff like this?

Where specifically are you seeing this?

Asset Activity Report

A good bit of reports look like this, it’s like the software cares more about a Firstname/LastName than it does with the business name.

I will raise this internally. Thanks for reporting.

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Ok please let me know where else you are seeing this besides the Asset Activity Report. I am going to try to get all instances of this resolved at the same time.

Lead convert page:

Screenshot 2023-09-12 122500

Customer search:
Screenshot 2023-09-12 123432

Thanks for getting this looked at Andy.

I really feel like Syncro should periodically have someone sit down and actually USE the software like we do, so you can get a feel of what it’s like to be us and evaluate the usability of the platform. There’s a lot of low hanging fruit, like this issue, that I think would improve the user experience. Things like ‘Hey, maybe we should put a save button at the bottom AND top of this page, so users don’t have to keep scrolling down to the bottom to save this.’ Stuff like that.


Invoice too unless you have a first/last name on the client. IMO, the business name should be linked.

100% agree. The amount of stuff that’s just untidy or doesn’t have obvious buttons/a menu tree/back button is ridiculous.

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Along these lines, one of the other low hanging fruit as mentioned:

Business name and all individual contact info at a company should be separated, no “loose” personal names/emails should be bundled on the initial info fields.

Ticketing software I’ve used in the past forces you to have one contact for every customer, and then you designate them as the owner and it pulls the info from that for display. You then also choose the user(s) to send invoices to - as they are not always the owner!

As it stands we have to double enter info for some clients - once on the main customer info page but with the invoicing email, and again as a proper contact with their actual email.

This is:
-Can cause issues if staff forget to change the contact on a ticket to the “real” owner
-Means the accounts contact double entered as well
-Means updating email for either main or billing in both places (or hello bounced emails)