BSoD - Blue Screen of Death after installing the Syncro Agent

Our agent on occasion will bring bugs in drivers up to the surface because we’re polling the drivers for their information to add to your asset page and to use for RMM alerts. The problem was likely there all the time, but other services didn’t pull that flaw up to the surface yet. The quickest way to resolve this is to reinstall/update the drivers.

The first step is to isolate the cause of the BSoD

IMAGE_NAME: pci.sys


IMAGE_NAME: IntcDAud.sys

Fixing the BSoD

Armed with the source of the BSoD, we can start resolving the issue. It is typically as simple as reinstalling/upgrading a driver. You can also do an Internet search for the name of the file/driver causing the error along with “BSoD”. Blue screens from certain sources are common and there are a lot of resources online to resolve the issue.

Please reach out to our support team with the memory dump analysis if there are still BSoDs after following these steps.