BitDefender Settings in GravityZone

When you integrate BitDefender with Syncro, the Syncro policies will inherit the default policy in GravityZone (for BitDitdefender). By default, most modules are enabled and in some cases, you may want to add or remove modules to the default policy. This document will give general guidelines for editing the default policy in GravityZone. For detailed instructions or for editing other policies, you will want to contact GravityZone/BitDefender.

1. To edit/view the default policy start by logging in GravityZone.

2. Navigate to your company: Go to the Companies menu item on the left scroll bar and select your company by name in the main window:

Click Companies in left nav


3. Adjust the settings as needed:

Adjust settings


In some cases, there are additional charges. If you do not want these charges in the future, you can disable the additional settings from the “Information” section of the default settings. Take Hyperdetect for example: This monitors any applied Assets under the normal subscription. If it detects an issue, it mitigates the issue but there is an additional charge for the cleanup, and you will see it on the next bill.

Here is also a Bitdefender Demo that explains modules and add-ons.