Bitdefender Disable ATS on older Clients, no changes in License Cost

We have many clients with the Add-On Advanced Threat Security(ATS) and end of last month we changed the polices in syncro and the policies in Bitdefender to Disable ATS.
In syncro i didn’t see any changes in count of ATS in the billing Report but in
Bitdefender i see now Sandboy Analytics and Hyper Detect are far lower compared to last month.

How can i Analyse what’s get billed and how can i correctly change a policy on older Installations?
Our target is to have less ATS on client Computers.


Billing is based on assets active (online) in the billing period according to gravityzone. This gets reported to Syncro who bills you. So module reports in GZ are the way to determine what’s actually enabled/being charged for. If changes in Syncro don’t apply like they should (i’m not surprised, the integration is poor), you’ll need to use the reconfigure command in GZ to apply the desired changes. Reconfigure tasks expire after 48hrs so try to do so when assets are online, not during a weekend. You’ll probably have to do this a few times to catch all the assets if you’ve got laptops/sleepy machines (yes it’s lame).

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Thank you for the Feedback.