Bitdefender Gravity Zone Integration

This is a powerful managed antivirus product that gives you the awesome power of Bitdefender at your fingertips for an amazing price.

What it Does

  • You get a portal account to Bitdefender Gravity Zone.
  • You can enable Bitdefender and have fine-grain controls over which modules are enabled via the Syncro RMM Policies.
  • Enable AV on a policy and all the assets with that policy will immediately get AV installed and appear in your Gravity Zone portal.
  • You can use the full Gravity Zone portal including creating Companies and Packages and doing manual installs, scans with Relay, and more.

Bitdefender comes with the billable add-on 'HyperDetect' enabled by default, disable this if preferred.

What it Doesn't Do

Syncro Managed Bitdefender accounts are only supported in North America. International users will need to sign up for a North American Bitdefender account.

Table of Contents

Video - Bitdefender Cloud Security

For an overview of Bitdefender Cloud Security, check out this video.

Offer Details

Bitdefender MAV

The signup link will be available to you within the App Center if the offer is available to you.

1 - 499 Endpoints: $1.30 / month / device

500 - 999 Endpoints: $1.10 / month / device

1000+ Endpoints: $1.00 / month / device

See our Bitdefender Add-ons section for more details about applicable add-ons and their cost.

Enabling your Gravity Zone account

The first step to enable the integration will be to provision your GravityZone account. 

  1. In Syncro, head to More > Admin > App Center.
  2. Find and click the Bitdefender app card.
  3. Click the teal Provision Trial Account button, or if you Want to use a different email, click the link next to that.
    Click Provision Trial Account
  4. Bitdefender will email the admin email address displayed in the Provision Trial Account button you clicked on the app card. Open the email to retrieve your GravityZone login credentials and link to GravityZone's portal:

  5. Click the Control Center Address link and enter the login credentials provided in the email from Bitdefender.
  6. Take whatever other steps are needed, such as enabling two-factor authentication.
  7. Once you're all the way into the GravityZone portal, in the upper right, click Welcome, your name > My Account.
  8. If you want to change your password to something more memorable, click Change password.

  9. Now it's time to create an API key to integrate with your new account. Under the API Keys section at the bottom, click Add.
  10. Fill in the API Key Description with a name, such as Syncro.
  11. Important: Turn on all options for the key, otherwise you'll be unable to use Bitdefender with Syncro.

  12. Click Save.
  13. Your API key is now generated! Click the API key to open the API settings again.

  14. Click the clipboard icon to copy the API key to the clipboard, then click Cancel.

  15. Switch back to the Bitdefender app card in your Syncro account.
  16. Paste your API key in the Bitdefender API Key field.
  17. Click Save API Key.

You have now successfully set up the Bitdefender integration! You can now assign Bitdefender to any of your policies in Syncro and your agents will automatically install Bitdefender to manage. Once installed, your agents will populate in your Gravity Zone portal for you to assign Gravity Zone policies as well.

When ready, you can convert your Trial of Bitdefender to a full account in the App Card.

Bitdefender app card

Bring Your Own Bitdefender account

If you have your own US Partner Bitdefender account and do not want us to provision you a new one, you can choose to have us hook up to your existing Bitdefender account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before going any further it's important you know that your pricing may change, and will reflect our current pricing.

A. Get company name from Bitdefender

The Company Name you enter in Syncro during the migration must match the Company Name in GravityZone. Copy & paste the Company Name found in GravityZone to ensure the names match.

  1. In your GravityZone account, in the upper right, click Welcome, your name > My Company.

  2. Copy the name found in the Company name field.

B. Enable integration in Syncro

  1. In Syncro, head to More > Admin > App Center.
  2. Find and click the Bitdefender app card.
  3. Below the teal button, click the link next to Already have a Bitdefender Account?

  4. Paste the Bitdefender Company Name you copied in the prior steps.
  5. Click Connect Bitdefender Account.


C. Add GravityZone API key

Next, make your GravityZone API key and add it to your Syncro account. See instructions starting in step 7 above.

D. Add Syncro Company ID

After adding your API key, add the Syncro Company ID to your GravityZone.

  1. Copy this Syncro Company ID: 5536722d5ece05dca159ef565f4d161d
  2. In your GravityZone account, in the upper right, click Welcome, your name > My Company.
  3. Click the Licensing tab.
  4. In the Bitdefender Partner box, click Change Partner.

  5. Paste the Company ID you copied in step 1.

  6. Click Change Partner.

After that, you should be all set to use the integration!

Applying Bitdefender to a Syncro policy

Now, with your Bitdefender integration enabled, let's assign Bitdefender to a policy. For this example, we are going to modify the Monitoring + AV policy to use the Bitdefender MAV.

  1. Head to your Policies section in Syncro.
  2. You can create a new policy to assign Bitdefender to, but in this example, we will update the Monitoring + AV policy:

  3. In the left hand nav, click Antivirus.
  4. If there is a different AV product listed, click the X in the upper right to delete it from the policy.
  5. Under Add an Antivirus, click Select > Bitdefender.

  6. Turn on all the modules you want activated for this policy.
  7. Click Save Policy.
  8. Now, a sync will be triggered for any of your devices with the Monitoring+ AV policy to begin downloading and installing Bitdefender:

    (PLEASE NOTE) Bitdefender doesn't like to install when other AV's are active on a device. Head to the troubleshooting for tools to help address the install/uninstall issues.

  9. Once installed, your device will populate in your Gravity Zone portal for you to further manage with Gravity Zone's policies:

You've now successfully configured Bitdefender Managed AV for your Syncro agents. Any Bitdefender AV alerts will begin triggering alerts in your Syncro account for you to manage!

Managing your endpoints in the Gravity Zone portal

The Gravity Zone portal provides some powerful tools for creating and assigning policies to your Syncro agents. We highly recommend reading up on all of the available tools available to you with a Bitdefender partner account here.

Learn more about Bitdefender's Patch Management capabilities here.

Let's walk through creating a new policy and assigning it to your Syncro agent.

  1. Head to your Gravity Zone portal and choose the "Policies" option from the sidebar on the left of the portal:
  2. Now you'll want to proceed to name and configure your new policy. Here are some useful links to help you get up and running with Gravity Zone's Policies:

    Partner's Guide

    Online Support Center
  3. Once you have your new policy configured, choose the "Network" option available on the sidebar to the left in the portal. Select the agent that you'd like to assign the new policy to, then select the option, "Assign Policy":
  4. Then, proceed to choose your new policy and choose "Finish":

You've now successfully created and assigned a policy to your Syncro agent from the Gravity Zone portal!

Removing Licenses

Syncro bills for Bitdefender based on the information stored in GravityZone (more on that in the billing section). Because of this, when offboarding an asset, it’s important to ensure that Bitdefender is fully uninstalled from the endpoint.

  1. First, make sure that the effective policy for the asset does not include Bitdefender in the Antivirus tab. This will prevent the effective policy from reinstalling Bitdefender automatically.
  2. To trigger an uninstallation of the Bitdefender Agent from GravityZone, navigate in GravityZone to the Network Tab.
  3. Right click the Asset you would like to manage and click Tasks > Uninstall Client.

After an uninstall completes, it’s recommended to verify in GravityZone that the asset has been truly removed. This can help avoid unexpected charges.

If you are having trouble uninstalling Bitdefender, you can manually run the Bitdefender Uninstall Tool.

NOTE: Even if an asset has been removed from Syncro, if it’s still appearing in GravityZone, you will be billed for the endpoint usage.

Bitdefender Add-Ons

All of the Bitdefender add-ons will need to be enabled in the Gravity Zone portal rather than in Syncro.

Warning: Please read this section before making any changes to your GravityZone account.
Enabling add-ons in your GravityZone policies can result in extra charges.

Here is a link to our partner guide for more information:

Note: When integrating Bitdefender into Syncro, Patch Management is no longer an add-on option. However, we have built-in Syncro tools for Third Party Patch Management and Windows Patch Management.

You can find all these add-ons in Companies > edit a company > below the Information section.

Bitdefender add-ons

Security for Exchange
Email Security
Full Disk Encryption
Security for Virtual Environments
Advanced Threat Security
Endpoint Detection and Response


Security for Exchange

We label this as "Exchange Security and Anti-Spam." Bitdefender Security for Exchange provides antimalware, antispam, anti-phishing, attachment and content filtering seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Exchange Server, to ensure a secure messaging and collaboration environment and increase productivity.

Active Seats Monthly Price / Endpoint
1 - 499 $1.00
500 - 9,999 $0.90
10,000+ $0.60


Email Security

Protect emails from spam, phishing, malware as well as sophisticated or targeted attacks. It prevents email impersonation and fraud and leverages multiple leading security engines and behavioral technologies to analyze incoming and outgoing email content, URLs, or attachments.

Active Seats Monthly Price / Endpoint
1 - 499 $1.60
500 - 999 $1.20
1000+ $1.10

Please refer to this video from Bitdefender Support showing how to set up this feature:


Full Disk Encryption

Leverages the encryption mechanisms provided by Windows (BitLocker) and Mac (FileVault), taking advantage of the native device encryption, to ensure compatibility and performance. There will be no additional agent to deploy and no key management server to install.

Active Seats Monthly Price / Endpoint
1 - 499 $1.10
500 - 999 $0.75
1000+ $0.65


Security for Virtual Environments

Security for Virtual Environments (Server)

Protection is specifically designed for virtual environments, enabling a seamless fit into your virtual and cloud infrastructure.

Active Seats Monthly Price / Endpoint
0 - 99 $5.25
100+ $4.30

Security for Virtual Environments (Desktop)

Protection is specifically designed for virtual environments, enabling a seamless fit into your virtual and cloud infrastructure.

Active Seats Monthly Price / Endpoint
1+ $0.01


Advanced Threat Security - HyperDetect, Sandbox Analyzer

Offers advanced security or managed threat hunting services using more aggressive tunable machine learning, enhanced sandbox detection, threat context, and visibility. Protects customers against targeted and file-less attacks, ransomware, and exploits. It blocks attacks at pre-execution with aggressive tunable machine learning.

Active Seats Monthly Price / Endpoint
1 - 499 $1.20
500+ $1.00

Please Note: The HyperDetect feature is enabled on the main default policy in Gravity Zone. More information on Bitdefender's HyperDetect feature can be found in their documentation:

To disable this, you'll want to head over to your default policy (or, any active policies) in GravityZone and ensure that both Hyper Detect and Sandbox Analyzer are disabled. Here's how you'll be able to disable them from the policy:

HyperDetect: Policies section -> select the policy that is currently used -> Antimalware -> HyperDetect -> disable the HyperDetect option from the top of the screen.

If you've never created a custom policy and are still using the default policy in Gravity Zone, then this policy is read-only and you won't be able to make the changes necessary to get these modules disabled. You'll first want to clone the default policy, which will give you write access. Then, you'll proceed with disabling the settings detailed above and then set this as your new default policy. Once handled, you can proceed with re-assigning your existing endpoints to the new default policy.

This video from Bitdefender Support will show how to enable HyperDetect along with a quick demo:


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Offers clear visibility into indicators of compromise (ICOs) plus one-click threat investigation and incident response workflows, Bitdefender EDR reduces resource and skill requirements for security teams. It performs a broad capture of system activities (file & process, program installation, module loads, registry modification, network connections, etc.) to aid in an enterprise-wide visualization of the chain events in the attack.

Active Seats Monthly Price / Endpoint
1 - 499 $1.10
500 - 999 $0.90
1000+ $0.80

Important note: EDR requires HyperDetect and Sandbox Analyzer. Enabling EDR will automatically enable them too.

Bitdefender Trials

You can enable a Bitdefender trial on your customers for 30 days. The trial will provide up to 25 licenses. To get this set up head to the App Center and select the Bitdefender app card. Select the button to provision a trial account to begin:

You will then be prompted with a message that the account has been configured. You will need to check the email listed in the above step to get your login credentials for GravityZone:

Follow the 'Control Center Address' link to log into GravityZone with the credentials provided:

Once you have logged into GravityZone, you will need to create an API key to complete the integration. Select your name > My Account:

Scroll down to the Control Center API and select 'New' under API Keys:

All permissions for the API must be enabled for the integration to work. Once they are all checked, press Save to continue and generate the API key:

Once the API key has been created, click on the key and then copy and paste the API key:

Head back the Bitdefender app card in Syncro and paste the API key in the field:

Once the API key has been saved you can begin installing Bitdefender onto your devices and the 30-day trial will begin.

Converting to a Paid Account

When your Syncro trial is up or you are ready to switch to a paid account, you will be prompted with an option to either 'convert to a paid Bitdefender instance' or given the option to 'delete your Bitdefender trial instance.' You will see this option in Syncro when you are choosing your Syncro plan details:

You can also convert to a paid account at any time during your trial by navigating to the Bitdefender app card.

Existing Syncro Payers

If you are an existing Syncro payer, you will also have the ability to trial Bitdefender. Once the trial is completed, you can convert to a paid Bitdefender instance by selecting the "Convert to Paid Account" option from the Bitdefender app card here:


Sometimes Bitdefender requires a reboot to complete the install. Make sure to try this if you are having trouble installing it.

Bitdefender doesn't like to install when other AV's are active on a device. It's also important to make sure that any previous AV's were fully removed. For example, disable Windows Defender.

Additional removal tool resources from Bitdefender:
Uninstall Tools for major antivirus software
Removing software incompatible with BEST on current Windows operating systems

In the case of Webroot, you can uninstall it, then head to the Community Scripting Guide and there is a removal script you can run after removing the software to make sure that that left-over registries or files are removed.

It's also possible that Bitdefender did not fully install or was interrupted during installation. This may mean you need to run a Removal of the failed installation before Bitdefender will correctly install again. Use the link below to access the Bitdefender removal tool.
Uninstall Tools For Business Products

If Bitdefender did not install on an endpoint, you can access the Bitdefender installer on that specific endpoint by visiting "C:\ProgramData\Syncro\bin." Within the bin folder find the file labeled setupdownloader_(random characters) and execute to install on the endpoint.

Another thing you can try is to create a policy that doesn't contain Bitdefender and one that only contains Bitdefender. Next, move the asset into a policy folder without Bitdefender, wait a few minutes, and then move it into a child policy that only has Bitdefender.

The other option is to go into GravityZone and get the downloader to install.

  1. In the left nav under Network, click Packages.
  2. Check the box by the desired package.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Select the desired downloader.
  5. Install the Bitdefender downloader manually onto the asset.


Your license usage quantity is generated by Bitdefender and forwarded Syncro for billing. License usage is billed in arrears and is not prorated. Licenses active within the bill cycle will be billed for the full amount. Invoice reminders are sent 5 days prior to your Syncro subscription renewal date with estimated charges.

Example: If you disable your licenses on August 1st, and your Syncro bill cycle is September 21st, you will receive your Bitdefender licenses usage bill for the month of August, on your September 21st invoice date.
  • In Syncro, you can review your MAV billing and license usage anytime using our Managed Antivirus Usage Report by heading to Reports > RMM > Managed Anti-Virus Summary
  • In GravityZone, license usage can be viewed in the Monthly License Usage Report which can be generated via the steps below.

  • Generating the Monthly Usage report in GravityZone:

    From the main GravityZone portal, select the Reports tab then choose "Add":

    You will then want to select "Monthly License Usage" as the report type and set the Reporting Interval to "This Month". Then select your company target and generate the report.

    Once the report has generated, you will be able to click into the devices and see when the license was activated and how many licenses were used for that time period.


    I'm not able to install Bitdefender through Syncro

    Did you reboot the machine? There may be remnants of past AVs that are conflicting with the installation. Check out the "Get Installed Antivirus" script in our Community Script library.

    Malwarebytes and Bitdefender are not compatible. Please try running the Bitdefender setup at C:\ProgramData\Syncro, if available, to surface errors in the UI. If you are still having trouble, please contact support.

    Bitdefender still states "Matching to GravityZone endpoint" after waiting for the asset to sync.

    There may have been an error in communicating with GravityZone during the initial setup. Please uninstall Bitdefender on the machine. Syncro will notice Bitdefender is gone and will do a fresh install. If you are still having trouble, please contact support.

    Here is a link to Bitdefender's uninstall tool:

    I'm seeing extra devices show up in Bitdefender

    This is due to Bitdefender's network discovery / Relay Role. This is automatically is enabled by default in Bitdefender, regardless of Syncro. This will show you how to remove it:

    If you require further assistance with Relay Role, in particular, please contact Bitdefender directly.

    I'm having trouble understanding Bitdefender policies and packages

    You can learn more about how Bitdefender policies and packages within the partner guide here:

    If Syncro can 'manage pre-existing' accounts does that mean that it can manage and even install new, without taking over billing?

    No, if you migrate your pre-existing Bitdefender account to Syncro, the billing will be updated to reflect the Syncro pricing structure explained in this article. We also do not offer price matching.

    Is the Bitdefender trial at the MSP level or can we do a trial for each customer under our Syncro account?

    The trial is at the Syncro account level. This means that once you start a trial on your Syncro account, you will get 30 days to use Bitdefender for free on any of your customer's assets. It is not on a per-customer basis.

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