Azure AD Integration - Custom fields not created or populated

Hey all,

We bit the bullet and upgraded to the Team plan. I connected our dev tenant to a dummy customer in Syncro, which populated contacts fine. But the custom fields like azure_license, azure_mfa_status etc weren’t created (the documentation says it should have been done automatically). I noted that since it’s a dev tenant, it’s got M365 E5 licensing (which isn’t one of the options in the custom field dropdown for some reason), so maybe that’s why the fields weren’t populated.

I tried our own tenancy which has at least one M365 Premium user license assigned, but again, no custom fields were created. I can’t find much more info other than the guide, soI thought i’d see if anyone else has had this before I go put a ticket in…

Any ideas?

I had the same issue yesterday, but it finally populated after a few hours. I must have hit the Run button 5 or 6 times trying. I guess I just wasn’t patient enough.

I ended up putting a ticket in, and I had to manually create the custom fields first. Still not everything is populating, but the licenes are, and that’a the one thing I need so I’m happy now :slight_smile: