AzureAD Sync

Is this really tested?
I got excided when much customer contacts all synced but then I got nothing in the attached custom fields which includes the licence that the contact has in O365.

We’re getting the same results in our testing.

Thanks for reporting this issue George, I know we are working on a fix for license type right now, it’s being tested. I will look into the MFA field issues and see what i can find out.

This is all I get after repeatedly trying to integrate them.

I’m now getting the Licence for Business Premium showing but other licences such as Exchange Plan 1 do not show. Are you working on this fix?

We also need a Tab on the company page, showing a better breakdown of users with their licence(s). Note that some users have multiple licences assigned.

Per the docs, only a couple license types are supported. We use many other license types including E3, E5. The licensing is not well thought out.

We are also not seeing the MFA or last activity fields populated…