Custom Field Layout Options

We use the Custom Fields section of a client to add a lot of documentation of various things, like Wifi information and Network layout. Is there a way to put a bolder label in place to better break down and organize the information just so it would look cleaner?

Each custom field name is in bold, that’s the best you can do. If you want to get fancier you’d need to use the Documentation feature instead, but you can’t automate what’s in that other than templating.

Some things are pretty volatile in Syncro. I observed renaming a custom field and all the content was gone. No backups, or restores for those fields. Same with passwords. I would advise moving stuff to a documentation platform like ITG or Hudu that has versioning.

If you rename the field back to what it was, everything reappears (at least it did last time I did that). Which is both cool and annoying. But I agree it’s not a great documentation platform. Also there’s the ‘all your eggs in one basket’ issue both regarding security and being able to change RMMs more easily. My only documentation in Syncro is created by scripts.