Manual Asset Field

Is there a way for manually added assets to use the same fields as Syncro Devices?
For example can a manually added device use the same OS field. This would make it easier when displaying a list of assets and not having to add the custom fields to your view.

So manual assets can have any custom fields you like, so you could in theory replicate just about any or all of the fields you see in a Syncro Device, you’d just have to create them.

Yes I did do that but when I go to view these assets I have to customize the view and then that becomes a bit cluttered and if I could use some of those existing field I would not need to customize the view
here is the area I am referring to.

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Ah okay. So those will be different fields technically because they are different object types. There will be no way to replicate a view really where different asset types are all sharing the same field/data sets.

got it… just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something since its monday and coffee levels are low.
Appreciate the quick replies

Haha I totally get it :). No problem man.

We ran into this recently – manually tracking printer assets. Wanted to see a single view of assets but no good way because of this.
Andy, if you’re open to solutions: perhaps next to the Customize View button, you could add a Saved Views dropdown where we can store different groupings of columns. (Aside from manual assets, our techs would appreciate that anyway for different workflows.)

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Yeah this has been discussed internally and I totally agree. If you save visibile columns, column order, column sort as part of the saved view, the Assets page becomes like 1,000 times more useful.