Automated Remediation Ideas?

We have an automated remediation that pops open a broadcast message to remind people to reboot their PCs if they haven’t done so in a month. The rule has a “Rate Limit” of twice per 6 days. There is a script that runs every day at 11:00 (The pop-up message shows up before lunch and the reminder suggests a reboot “at lunch or the end of your day”) that creates the alert if applicable.

We tend to get a few alerts that are beyond the rate limit, cluttering up the Alerts page. I’d like to create another automated remediation that simply clears the alert if there are any spill-over alerts. (We simply close them manually, because the end users eventually get the picture.)

However, since we can’t specify “if applied, do not process any more rules” nor put them in an order we’d like, I’m wondering if you fellow Syncronians have a great idea for how to accomplish this?

Here’s the remediation we have:

We script this. I have a daily run script that checks the last reboot date.

If it has been more than (X =30) days, and a user is logged in, we popup a reminder to reboot, otherwise we just reboot.
If it has been more than (Y =40) days, we popup a notification that it WILL reboot tonight…

We put in a Syncro notification for the reminders and notifications, so we have supporting documentation should there be a whiner (or put your adjective here).

We never need alerts to follow up with for reboots. Computers are NEVER up for longer than Y days. If they are, we create an RMM alert as something is wrong with our system.

Our reboot scheduler will wake the computer to reboot itself.
We also disable fast boot when onboarding computers. That way a reboot is actually a reboot.

We had a few complaints years ago from some of those never-rebooters with 50 unsaved documents open, We never hear from anyone about it any longer.


hi @jeremy
how did you add ‘uptime’ as a dropdown option for “Trigger Category”?
i don’t see that option on my end!

The script adds it. (See the Rmm-Alert command in the screenshot.)