Major scripting/policy issue

We have several machines that we run misc scripts (mostly on Thursdays) get bitlocker keys / broadcast notice / reboot / etc. These are all supposed to run noon / 3pm / 10 pm etc (reboot at 10 pm). Got a lot of alerts this morning about some scripts not running at 3am. Look at the policies- many of the scheduled runs have been changed from 3pm to 3am - reboot changed from 10 pm to 10 am!! Edit the policy back to 10 pm - save it. Refresh- back to 10 am.
The only way I could make it so that HUNDREDS of machines do not reboot at 10 am in the middle of the workday was to a) remove the backup script altogether from the scripts b) create a temp policy in EVERY contract customer that had machines that had a policy that had the reboot in it and then move them over and back (just deleting it off of the policy did not remove the pending reboot - the policy change and change back did)

PLEASE- whatever was done last night regarding scripting and policy folders- change it back. I’m not even sure if this 100% bypasses my issue or not.

I refuse to believe that ‘everything is operational’. There is something very wrong with the script scheduling- is my account the only one affected?
I had to remove the reboot from all of the policies that included the reboot script. I went in at 9:32 and added the reboot back at 10pm on one policy. Checked the assets that have that policy affect them- they are now scheduled to reboot TODAY at 9:32am. Immediately delete that back off. Adjust all of the 2am and 3 am scripts back to 2pm and 3pm - save. Refresh and they are still at 2am and 3am.

Hi Mark, it looks like you’re the first report of this so far. I’d like to do some testing to find out more. I’m going to get a ticket created for you now so we can continue working on this.

Thank you for the reply- I see the ticket created and will correspond there-


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Hi Mark -
It looks like we deployed a fix for this issue. Would you like to check and see if your issue is resolved? Thank you!

It does appear to be fixed. I had to manually adjust all policies that included scripts that were originally set to run at X pm that had been changed to X am but they are now saving correctly. We added back in our reboot script as well and that appears to be functioning correctly.


I’m glad it’s working for you again and that our fix appears to be holding. I’m going to close out this post but if you need further support on this - please reach out. Thank you!~