Adding Lastpass to a policy

Hi there!
We’d like to add Lastpass to a policy so we can send an easy install link which would install Syncro and Lastpass at the same time. We currently have policies that sends the install for Syncro and Emsisoft. My boss (owner of company) and I have pretty much 0 experience writing scripts. Can anyone point us in a direction towards doing this? Thanks in advance!

First, I’ll preface by saying that I don’t feel confident in LP given their security breaches, so we switched to Keeper and they have a MSP program if you want to resell.

I haven’t done what your asking but the reason why Syncro and Emisoft would work is because it’s integrated and Syncro can push install Emisoft. The same is not true of LP, so you would have to send them a second download link for that. Second option here would be to script the install of LP so after they install Syncro, it will push LP to it, which is the scenario most would do with an application install. There are tons of script examples of silent installs in the library or posted here or on FB, so with this info, you should be able to deploy it. LastPass Silent Install

Just saw that Choco has LastPass as an application. You can add this to your 3rd party patching. Chocolatey Software | LastPass 4.119.0

Hey thank you so much! We figured we’d need to look into writing a script.Thanks for the Choco catch. I’ll tell my boss!

BTW, I worry about LP as well. It’s something to bring up at the next meeting :wink: